Thursday, May 28, 2009

The sun is so red mom, and the forest is so black.
Now the sun is dead mom, and the day has past away.
The fox goes around out there; we’re locking up the hall.
Come sit by my pillow mom, and sing me a little song.

Why does the night come, with cold and bitter wind?
Hear the little cat mom, it miaus and wants to come in.
The seagull and tern has nowhere to live.
Come hear, now sing the stars a lullaby for me.

The sky is so big mom, with stars shining bright.
Who do think lives, mom, on the star that shines tonight?
Do you thing that there are boys, mom, who looks down on me?
And do you think that they have beds, mom, and sleeps just like me?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy place

"Er jeg den eneste der kan høre en sang, se et billede eller dufte en duft, som så bringer dig tilbage til et sted du ikke vidste du savnede? Der er ikke er noget stress, ingen problemer, der er ikke noget at være bange for, der er ikke koldt, der er ikke noget der gør ondt, du bliver ikke sulten, du er bare sammen med alle dem du holder af .. du kan slet ikke lade være med at grine... jeg kunne bliver der for evigt - i mit happy place .."

Thursday, May 21, 2009

so on and on it goes

from the debts it flows,

in terrifying place, and i have a reason to say, a sentence to my grave,

would you stand in my defence, and breath inside me now,

come and stake your claim,

cus' i can barely breath,

would you justify in me, would you justify in me

i'm down today, i'm down today

set to my bow, hear me now,

and hear me now, and hear me now

and it goes on and on and on,

echoes, echoes

would you stand up and fight for me,

would you stand and break the walls between us, breath inside me now

come and stake your claim

If everyone cared and nobody cried,

If everyone loved and nobody lied,

If everyone shared and swallowed their pride,

Then we'd see the day when nobody died...